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FAST - Families Against Stress and Trauma

Established in 2007, FAST (Families Against Stress and Trauma) is a UK-based organization that was created to help families affected by a loved one travelling to Syria and Iraq.

FAST - Families Against Stress and Trauma
They provide support to vulnerable families and individuals because they understand the pain and distress it causes to those left behind. FAST believes that families matter and families make a difference. 

If you are worried about a family member, there are many options you should consider when looking for help, including:
  • a friend, or member of the family
  • your local faith institution/ a trusted religious leader
  • school authorities or college/university welfare offices, if appropriate
  • local community support groups
  • the local authorities/local police
  • specialist organisations such as FAST.

They types of support that FAST provides include:

  • one-to-one discussions
  • group sessions
  • meetings with other trained professionals, including psychologists.

FAST are here to help. Their highly trained staff have years of experience working with vulnerable individuals and they employ people from many different faiths and cultural backgrounds.

They operate on a strictly confidential basis and will not make judgments about you or anyone in your family. FAST is publicly funded and all our services are entirely free of charge.

FAST also works within local communities to provide a range of other activities, including classes in online safety, Arabic, sewing, keep fit and religious studies.

For more information, visit FAST.
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