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Voluntary parenting support/parenting orders

Voluntary parenting support/parenting orders can be given to the parents/carers of young people who offend, truant or who have received one of several orders.

Parenting support work is normally provided on a voluntary basis. A specialist parenting worker will deliver one-to-one sessions with the parent(s) concerned. We offer the service to support parents, children and young people to make positive choices, and provide them with real opportunities to demonstrate that each of them is valued for whom they are, and what they can contribute to their community and society.

A parent/carer who receives a Parenting Order will be required to attend counselling or guidance sessions, they may also have conditions imposed upon them such as ensuring their child does not visit a particular place unsupervised or ensuring their child is at home at particular times. A failure to fulfil the conditions can be treated as a criminal offence and the parent/carer can be prosecuted.

The maximum length a Parenting Order can be imposed for is 3 months and this involves 3 months of counselling and starts from the date the order is given.
After the 3 months is over, the Youth Offending Service can no longer enforce attendance by the parent at counselling sessions. However, a court may also impose a requirement of up to 12 months from the date the order is imposed and such requirements usually take the form of the following:

  • to take all reasonable steps to ensure (child's name) complies with his/her (type of order young person is on)
  • to take all reasonable steps to ensure  (child's name) attends school as required 

Where a requirement has been imposed the Youth Offending Service will continue to offer counselling/support and the parenting order case remains open until such time as all additional requirements have expired. However counselling/support during this period is voluntary.

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