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Luton Borough Council

Bedfordshire Probation

Integrated Offender Management - Targeting Prolific Offenders to Break their Cycle of Crime

Most crime in a community is carried out by a small number of prolific offenders. Integrated Offender Management (IOM) brings together organisations from the public, private and voluntary and community sector to tackle prolific offenders through intensive programmes combining rehabilitation and enforcement.

IOM is a multi-agency team with co-located partners including Bedfordshire Probation, Bedfordshire Police and Luton Borough Council and soLUTiONs, Luton's Community Safety Partnership.

The IOM team works with offenders at high risk of re-offending to support changes in offender behaviour and remove issues which influence offending. That support can range from assistance in finding accommodation, obtaining training and employment, right through to anger management and treatment for substance misuse. If offenders commit further crimes, they will be swiftly caught and brought to justice.

Without help to break the cycle of crime many offenders spend large parts of their lives revolving around the criminal justice system. Causing harm to themselves, their families and the communities they live in as well as costing the taxpayer huge amounts of money.

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